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Užsienio literatūra

The Amber Trader
Daniel P. W. Hathaway

knygos „The%20Amber%20Trader“ viršelis


Book One

The Amber Trader engages us in a journey of time travel, beginning in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea in 350 BC, and carrying us along an ancient Amber trade route. Rich in image, the result of decades of the author’s exhaustive research, the story carefully and accurately traces the route on rivers, overland, and across stormy seas, finding different cultures in encampments, islands, villages, and towns along the way, so vividly described that the reader can almost touch it and feel it. It lives and breathes.

It’s a fascinating tale, intriguing, compelling look at mankind’s fierce drive to explore and conquer the unknown world, and the instincts, creativity, inventiveness it takes to overcome great odds and survive.

This is Part One of a trilogy.

Lietuviška knygos versija

Serija The Amber Trader
Kalba anglų
Apimtis 192 psl.
Viršelis minkšti viršeliai
Dydis 156 mm × 240 mm × 16 mm (plotis × aukštis × storis)
Svoris 355 (g)
Metai 2020
ISBN 9786094462177


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